Serious differences ahead.   Ready leadership required.  

      conflict resolution training

Serious differences come with life, regardless to profession or role.  Skill, insight, and planning make all the difference in navigating them. 

If you lead, teach, or consult,  our materials help you design and lead engaging, insightful sessions on conflict resolution:

    • Start with the 40 page Trainers Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops. You need only basic group facilitation skills to design and lead an effective workshop.  Download it free now!   
    • For online training, also download our free guide to training with the online version.
    • Learn Dashboard vs Coupon Manager
    • To order conflict style inventories, click on the tab below on the right, Order Here.  The online version (which comes with an 8 page score report) is perfect for remote learning; there is also a print version.  For help in choosing, go to the tab on left just below, "Guide to Formats".  

Get Seven Tips for Conflict Resolution Training with Limited Time or Remote Participants.

If you currently use the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument,  review a product comparison.

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  Guide to Formats  


        Choose from Three Formats to Match Your Needs



    conflict-styles-online-ipad-v3   Conflict Styles booklet s   DownloadablePDF
    Online   Print   PDF File
  $10-$14 depending on size of order.   $6.95 - $10.95, depending on quantity and color or B/W.   Minimum order: 25 copies.   $9.95 for PDF, plus $4.50 per user to reproduce.
  Includes inventory, automated scoring, six page emailable score report with detailed suggestions based on scores. Tutorial includes handouts from Print version, plus short essays on Anger Management, Culture and Conflict Styles, etc.   Inventory and support materials for a workshop.   Inventory and support materials for a workshop.
For solo use or requires trainer?
  For solo or trainer use.  Tutorial provides full interpretation. Many trainers using the Online Version have users take inventory before class and bring printed Score Report to class; this saves class time for key trainer inputs and group reflection.    Assumes presence of trainer.   Assumes presence of trainer.
  Comprehensive, suited to all training circumstances, easy to use.  Computer-generated report provides personalized tips based on scores. Optional Coupon Access and Trainer Dashboard put powerful user-management tools at your fingertips.  Excellent for distance training.    Some prefer the traditional hardcopy format.    Available immediately via download.  Lowest per user cost.
  If used solo without benefit of group reflection, users miss valuable experience of interaction with others.   Available only in orders of 25 or more.  Requires trainer input.   Requires trainer input.
  Immediately after purchase; user can also login anytime thereafter.   Allow up to 8 business days for arrival if shipping by standard rate.  Expedited shipping available.   Immediate. 
Procedure for getting inventory to users

Option One: Trainer directs users to buy the Online Version directly from Riverhouse.  

Option Two: Access Code. If prepaying for users, trainer can be issued an access code to give users to login directly from our front page login.  Infographic.  

Option Three: If prepaying for users, trainer can use our Dashboard (at modest add'l one-tiime setup cost) to register users and send them invitations to login and take the inventory and to track useage.  Infographic.

  Riverhouse ships to trainer, who passes print copy to users.  

Riverhouse forwards digital PDF file to trainer. Trainer then prints out PDF and makes photocopies, paying $4.50 per user. 


Additional info on formats:

  • The Print and PDF versions are identical.  They include all materials required to support a workshop  (a chart for tallying scores, an interpretive diagram, and handouts about each style.) Download a free Review copy here or a free Trainer's Guide keyed to the materials here.  

  • The Print and PDF versions assume the presence of a trainer to give input about interpretation.  The Online Version can be used both independently or for a workshop.
  • The Print version sells in minimum orders of 25 and arrives in about 8 business days via standard shipping (expedited available).

 View infographic with additional info on the various formats.



   Compare to TKI   


Style Matters and Thomas Kilmann Compared


Download free 20 page Trainers Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops
Download free Review  copy of Style Matters
View or print this comparison as a separate page






Features for comparison


Conflict Styles booklet 150NB     conflict-styles-online-ipad-v.2 

Style Matters
The Kraybill Conflict Style Inventory

Thomas Kilmann

Conflict Mode Instrument

Underlying framework is five-styles  Mouton/Blake axis 


Time required to take - 15 minutes or less


Suitable for multiple delivery modes (solo or trainer-led) 



Full interpretation info included with inventory 


Group discussion questions included

Designed for cultural adaptability


Scores Storm Shift (differing responses in Calm vs. Storm settings)

Detailed tips for supporting each style X Available at extra cost in auxiliary publications.
Reviews strengths and weaknesses of each style

Research-based and psychometrically valid

Available online with automated scoring and report

Self-guided online tutorial included


Trainer Dashboard enables online management of users and score reports by trainer
See infographic on dashboard.

Coupon Access allows trainers to setup easy login of pre-paid users.
See infographic on dashboard.

Free trainer's guide provided
Purchase for $199

Free "Intro to Conflict Styles" Powerpoint

PRICING (shipping extra)    
Cost per single hard copy $11.95 in black and white
$13.95 full color
Best price in bulk purchase
of print copies
$9.95 in black and white
$11.95 full color
$18.66 (if buying 500 or more).

Make your own photocopies from print copy or PDF file.

Download PDF
 for $9.95.  Buy rights to make photocopies as needed for $4.50 per user copy.
Not available in PDF.  Buy rights to photocopies from print version for $21.95 per user copy.
Online version

$49 for one, includes detailed score report and interactive tutorial.
Retail quantity pricing $14-$25
Educational/non-profits pricing, $10-$14.

$45 for one includes score report; no tutorial.  Quantity pricing $22 per user, plus $195 annual account fee.

Guidance for users to interpret scores
Included with the inventory or online tutorial Additional booklet recommended for $19.95
Detailed Trainers Guide
Free 18 page download - Trainer's Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops

 for Workshop Facilitators Guide
Online user management tools for trainers. 
Trainer Dashboard
 allows tracking of all users, option to delay access to scores, remote viewing of score reports, emailing of scores, easy aggregation of scores, and capacity to email whole group.)  
Not available


Information on Style Matters from; on Thomas Kilmann from Our goal is fair, accurate comparison. We would be grateful to be informed of - and will quickly correct - any points on which the above comparison is out-dated or does not meet these standards. View this on Slideshare.


 Trainer Support Materials  


 Free Trainer Support Materials

Trainer's Guide to Conflict Style Workshops

conflict style trainers guide With this straightforward guide, anyone with basic group facilitation skills can lead a successful conflict styles workshop.  It packs years of experimentation into 20 pages of proven strategies for conflict styles training.  Spend prep time polishing training design, not rough-drafting it!  Download now - it’s free

    Intro to Conflict Styles in Powerpoint

intro to conflict styles in powerpoint Overview of key concepts underlying the 5 styles-of-conflict framework.  Ten slides in 2 minutes.  Perfect to kick off the interpretation section of a workshop.  View free on our site at any time or download and take it with you for only $24.95

Intro to Conflict Styles in Prezi

Prezi Conflict styles intro Similar to above, but in flowing Prezi format and 25% longer.  View it free on our site or download and take it with you for $49.95.   It's like Powerpoint with motion!

    Guide to Online Resources on Conflict Styles

intro to conflict styles in powerpoint Annotated collection of online resources related to conflict styles and conflict resolution training.  Topics include culture, gender, research, anger management, negotiation and problem-solving skills.  Review it now and come back when you need it.

    Free Review PDF of Style Matters

conflict styles booklet Download a free review copy in PDF of our five-styles-of-conflict, 24 page Style Matters conflict style inventory.  Find out about history, validation and who uses it here. Portions blacked out to prevent unauthorized use. We will never release your info to anyone else.


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