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Rights to Reproduce Style Matters from PDF or print copy

This option gives you the right to reproduce Style Matters from the PDF file (not included, order above) or a print copy. Buy 1 Right to Reproduce for each user. (Example: For a training session with 10 people, order the PDF for $10, plus user rights at 10 x $7, for a grand total of $80.)

If you are considering this option on grounds of cost, you are welcome to approach us for assistance. We have a commitment in principle that every motivated user should be able to use the version most suited to their needs. We weigh this principle more heavily than maximizing revenue for every sale. If you believe your group deserves consideration for a reduced price, send us an email at center@riverhouseepress.com. The digital version gives a significantly higher learning experience for most situations than the paper version - see our detailed assessment of that at http://bit.ly/paperordigital. We'll do our best to put it in reach financially for you.
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