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Style Matters in FRENCH

French version of Style Matters in the print format, provided to trainers in PDF. 24 pages ready to print out for individual or group use. If using for groups, please additionally purchase one User Right below for each user. Format upgraded in 2018 but text is same as previous editions. File is password-protected - see invoice in your email for password.
Order for$15.00

- A trainer plans to make print copies for 10 people. She buys one PDF for $15 and 9 user rights for $7 each. She prints out the PDF, using the password sent with the order to open the PDF, and prints 10 copies.
- A trainer wants to send the PDF to 10 people. She pays for 10 PDFs at $15 each and sends them to her users. The higher price reflects our best guess about the increased risk to us of unauthorized use that accompanies an expanded pool of PDFs in circulation. We make major effort to keep prices accessible to trainers in price-sensitive environments. Thus we depend on integrity of trainers in paying us for copies used.