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Webinar Series on Training with Style Matters

This package is for coaches and trainers who want to go beyond the training materials available on our site. It includes participation in 5 webinars, user rights for 5 individuals whom the trainer works with as "guinea pigs", access to Powerpoint slides to support training presentations, and a personal use of the "Intro to Conflict Styles" Powerpoint presentation.
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This package includes:

- Participation in a 5 session series of webinars on training with Style Matters, led by Dr. Ron Kraybill, developer of Style Matters.   Each session will be 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours in length.   The sessions will be offered on multiple dates and times to ease scheduling.

- User rights to Style Matters for 5 individuals to serve as "guinea pigs" to your learning process.  You choose whether you want to use the dashboard, coupon code access, or anonymous user access to get these individuals to the inventory.

- Access to all Style Matters training materials, including Powerpoint outlines for use in webinars or others settings.

- Your own copy of the Intro to Conflict Styles slide show, in Prezi or Powerpoint.

- Your own access to Style Matters as a user.

Contents of Webinar Series

Session One:  Experiencing Style Matters as a User.  Participants take the inventory as users in advance of the session and bring their printed score report to the session.  Dr. Kraybill will lead a "typical" conflict styles workshop so participants experience the inventory and followup training/coaching as a user.    Assignment for Session Two:  Have a conversation with someone about your own score report.

Session Two:  Basics of Conflict Styles Training.  Preparing for coaching and training, principles of training, working with core concepts of Style Matters.  Also, discussion of Assignment from Session One.   Assignment for Session Three:  Administer the inventory to someone and have a conversation with that person about their score report.

Session Three:  Interpreting Scores.  Principles of working with users and scores.  Also, discussion of assignment from Session Two.  Assignment for Session Four: Administer Style Matters to a second user and have a conversation with them about their score report.  

Session Four:  Culture and Conflict Styles.  The concept of High Context and Low Context cultures, how it operates in Style Matters, and how to use it as a trainer.  Discussion of experiences with assignment for this class.

Session Five: From One-Off Event to Conflict Transformation.  How to use Style Matters in ways that go beyond a single workshop experience to becoming a tool to facilitate on-going reflection and discussion, by individuals, teams, and organizations.

We do not certify trainers but we will provide a certificate of participation for anyone interested who attends all five sessions.

Cost is $199 for the package.