User Feedback on Style Matters

We make constant improvements on Style Matters Online.  We send feedback surveys to all users of the online version of Style Matters to assist in this.    The result has been a steady rise in ratings of user satisfaction and perceived accuracy of score reports over a 3 year period.  In our most recent survey, conducted from May to November, 2019, we received 87 responses, summarized below.


Primary benefits of taking Style Matters

Many respondents also gave textual replies to our question: What's the primary benefit you received from your experience with Style Matters? Here is a sampling:

"Understanding the difference between "calm" and "stormy" styles. Seeing how I switch my approach depending on the context and intensity."

"Your noticing that my shift of 6 points (cooperative to compromise) when I move from calm to storm may confuse my partner sheds light on his frequent complaint that I quit [when actually I'm not, I'm just trying to be realistic about what we are capable of at that moment]."

"I appreciated the distinctions between Calm and Storm styles [and order] as it provides a better way of understanding where I go as conflict/tension escalates."

"Not to piss someone off before you figure out what their actual/ underlying problem is."

"I did this as part of a Healthcare Management degree class assignment. Insight is always good when it comes to leadership. This allowed to realize how much I have grown and worked on myself."

"It was used for a team building exercise at my job and it helped a lot."

"Time for internal reflection."

"Gave me insights to better understanding my conflict style and where I could put in an effort to be more effective when faced with conflicts."

"Learning about how myself and others react to conflict and strategies of how to deal with others who have different styles than myself.:

"Identifying different conflict styles between my partner and I, and helping us to understand how best to engage with the other when either of us is upset."

"Great comparison with TKI assessment."

"Telling my team how I respond to conflict."

"Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my conflict style."

"Gave me info to think about—skills to hone in on especially with the pros & cons."

"The critique of excessive dependence on a strong style is insightful."

"I focused on a particular person I need to have a difficult conversation with.  It helped."

"Which style I lean on under stress."

"Gained better understanding as to whom am I as a negotiator."

"The explanation that helped me realize my primary style is both good and not-so-good. The contrast helps."

"Interesting to learn that my cooperative style doesn't always work well with someone who has an avoidance style. Things don't get accomplished that way!"

"I now recognize my shortcomings and where i need to tone down my style when working with others."

"Recognition of my style and how to improve."

"Ability to discuss, in more detail, the way I address conflict."

"I learned a lot about myself."

"Sense of strengths and weaknesses with conflict engagement and resolution."

"Gave me a clear affirmation of why I handle conflict the way I handle it."

Judging from their responses in the current batch of feedback, we estimate that 13-15% of users of Style Matters Online find the experience disappointing or unhelpful.   These respondents tend not to make written comments.   There were only two negative written comments in this batch.  One respondent found our report to be unpolished and recommended hiring a copywriter and graphic designer.   The other had taken the inventory on a day when we had technical difficulties and as a consequence expressed worry about the security of our site.